Darkness of the Womb

Ours is a time of great potential. Potential for cataclysm or profound reorientation.

The dangers are huge and familiar to us all. To name a few of the major players: climate change and ecological degradation; nuclear war; the rise of right wing and fascistic tendencies, as globalization undermines the former order; the potential for technological inventions, like A.I., to supersede and supplant us.

Dominant institutions are in crisis. It’s dark in here. It’s can feel hard to imagine a way out. This is the darkness of the tomb.

Yet imagine we must. For the sake of our existence. For the sake of our children and future generations. New visions are needed.

For most of my life I’ve written primarily for the purpose of orienting myself as I make my way and face life’s challenges. Sometimes I’ve written to clarify my thinking or feelings on a matter, personal or public. Other times to sooth and ground myself. There’s an element of pleasure in it as well.

Recently I’ve noticed a knot at my throat. My body seems to be saying: it’s time to share what’s buzzing inside. It feels important to contribute to the vigorous discussions we are having. And to add my vision of the beautiful world we know is possible and that we are helping to midwife.